Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients, fermented in the large intestine which helps in maintaining colon microflora thus improving overall gut health, helps in better mineral absorption, immunity and maintaining healthy cholesterol level.

Fructo - Oligosaccharides (FOS 95%)
FOS is low-calorie, soluble Prebiotic fiber with Zero GI. It is a natural, diabetic-friendly sweetener made from Sugarcane with sweetness of 30-40% as that of Sucrose.

These Prebiotics have applications including:
Probiotic Supplements Cereals & Bars
Dairy Products Desserts & Traditional Sweets
Bakery Products Weight Management Products
Confectionery Meal Replacement Products
RTE & RTD Products Dietary Health Supplement
Keto Diet Foods Digestive Products
Women Nutrition Sports Nutrition
Nutritional & Alcoholic Beverages Processed Meat & Seafood
Ayurvedic Health & Herbal Supplements (Chyawanprash)